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Video: Someone Needs To Teach Drew Stanton How To Dougie

Drew Stanton put the Lions on top by a score of 7-0 in the first quarter of today's game between Detroit and the Chicago Bears. Stanton scored the TD on a quarterback draw and celebrated the score by doing the Dougie. Actually, I should say he attempted to do the Dougie because, well, it wasn't exactly the smoothest end zone dance I have ever seen. Check it out for yourself:

The Lions are currently trailing the Bears, 14-10. Hopefully by the end of the game Stanton will have scored a few more times so he can refine his end zone celebration. I'm not saying Stanton trying to do the Dougie was the worst celebration I've ever seen, but it definitely needs some work. Maybe he can call up former rival Braylon Edwards or even Puddles the duck (Oregon's mascot) for advice.

(All kidding aside, it was a good play by Stanton. So far he has played pretty well and most importantly, hasn't made many mistakes.)