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Matthew Stafford Undergoes Successful Shoulder Surgery

Despite the Lions assuring fans all season that surgery was not an option, Matthew Stafford underwent successful shoulder surgery on his right AC joint in Pensacola, Fla. today. The surgery was performed by renowned sports specialist Dr. James Andrews.

Originally, Dr. Andrews felt Stafford could heal adequately by continuing his rehab, but after a meeting with Dr. Andrews earlier this week it was determined that Stafford's healing process could be enhanced by going under the knife. Surgery is obviously a risky route if it's not absolutely necessary, but Dr. Andrews maintains that it turned out to be very successful: 

"Matthew’s procedure (AC joint repair) today was very successful. It went very well. We now have plenty of time for a full recovery in order for him to get ready for next season. The procedure is the same one that we have successfully performed on a number of NFL quarterbacks. Matthew has one of the strongest arms in the League and I am confident that he will be as strong as ever."

Stafford will need three to four months to recover from the surgery, but the Lions fully expect him to be 100-percent healthy by the time training camp rolls around. It makes one wonder why it wasn't determined earlier that surgery could enhance the healing process, but it's better now than during training camp or, worse, next season. On January 3, Stafford told reporters he felt like he could've played in a playoff game if the Lions had made it, but something obviously regressed.