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Detroit Lions Head Into Offseason Banged Up

The story of the 2010 season for the Detroit Lions, aside from their four-game winning streak, was injuries. Numerous contributors dealt with a variety of ailments throughout the season, which is part of why the Lions struggled so much during the first 12 games. Injuries continued to happen even during the Lions' winning streak, but it was only then that they were really able to overcome them.

The most notable injury that happened this season was Matthew Stafford's separated shoulder, which happened twice. He is expected to be 100 percent healthy early on in the offseason and surgery isn't needed. But we've known that for a while now. What about other Lions players that are banged up as the team heads into the offseason?

Three players are planning on having surgery in the near future. Linebacker DeAndre Levy's groin surgery is set for Jan. 18, and at some point safety Louis Delmas is also expected to have groin surgery. Both of these players hurt their groins before the season even started, but they played through the pain and put off surgery until now. Cornerback Chris Houston, who hurt his shoulder toward the end of the season, is also expected to have surgery. (Offensive guard Stephen Peterman could have foot surgery, but it's unclear if he has decided to get the procedure or not just yet.)

Running back Jahvid Best dealt with two turf toes throughout the season, but he isn't going to get surgery this offseason. Instead he is going to be doing a lot of resting, according to Dave Birkett. Birkett reports that Best "has been encouraged to stay off his feet for about eight weeks" in order to recover from the injuries and finally get back to full health.

Many other Lions players dealing with bumps and bruises are going to take the next couple months to get back to 100 percent health. Right now only linebacker Zack Follett's status for next season appears to be in jeopardy, as the rest of the players dealing with injuries should be back to full health well before training camp begins toward the end of July and perhaps even in time for the OTAs scheduled to take place in May and June.