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Lions Vs. Bears Score: Chicago Leads Detroit At Halftime, 10-7

For the third week in a row, the Detroit Lions are trailing at halftime. Unlike the last two weeks, the Lions are only down by a field goal rather 17 or more points. The score at halftime of Detroit's Monday night showdown with the Bears is 10-7 in favor of Chicago, and all of the scoring happened in the second quarter.

Following 15 minutes of flags, flags and more flags, the Lions and Bears seemed to ditch their primetime nerves and got things going in the second quarter. Matthew Stafford found Calvin Johnson for a 73-yard touchdown pass on the second play of the second quarter, and after Johnson stiff-armed a defender and ran into the end zone, Detroit led by a touchdown.

The Lions seemed to have all of the momentum in this game, but the Bears responded with a solid 10-play drive that produced a field goal. Unlike the previous time the Bears faced fourth-and-one, they settled for the field goal rather than attempting to go for it again (they were stuffed on fourth-and-one earlier in the game).

The Lions had to punt on their next drive, and the Bears went down the field and scored on a nine-yard pass from Jay Cutler to Kellen Davis. An interception by Stafford kept the Lions from trying things up before halftime, so Chicago leads by a score of 10-7.