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Lions Vs. Bears Score: Brandon Pettigrew Touchdown Gives Detroit 14-10 Lead

The Detroit Lions have played much better in the second half this season than the first half, and that once again seems to be the case on Monday night against the Chicago Bears.

After going into halftime down 10-7, the Lions came out and forced a three and out and quickly scored a touchdown to take back the lead. Matthew Stafford worked out of the shotgun throughout the drive and completed a big 17-yard pass to Calvin Johnson on third down. The Lions picked up another third-down conversion later in the drive on a 12-yard pass to Tony Scheffler. On the very next play, the Lions scored on an 18-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Pettigrew, who was wide open.

The Lions now are on top by a score of 14-10. Johnson scored on a 73-yard touchdown in the second quarter for their first score, and Pettigrew's TD gave the Lions their second touchdown of the game.