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LeBron James Attending Sunday's Lions-49ers Game

Earlier this week, LeBron James made headlines by posting some interesting tweets about the NFL. Specifically, he asked ESPN's John Clayton if there is a deadline for free agents to sign with teams, and he later exchanged tweets with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.


With the NBA in lockout mode, it's not clear if he is just having some fun with the football speculation or if he is genuinely interested in making the jump to the NFL. One thing is clear: James added fuel to the fire on Sunday by showing up at the Detroit Lions-San Francisco 49ers game at Ford Field, according to NFL Network's Albert Breer.


It's unclear why James decided to attend a Lions game, especially considering he was just in England on Saturday for a soccer match. On the one hand, the Lions-49ers matchup is perhaps the best game on the schedule this week. On the other hand, you wouldn't think James would show up to watch the Lions, which crushed his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, earlier this month.


In any case, I'm sure this isn't the last you will hear about James and the NFL as long as the NBA lockout continues. It's positive publicity for both the league and James himself, and I'm sure he is enjoying the attention even if he isn't serious about playing in the NFL.