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Lions Vs. 49ers Score: Detroit Trails At Halftime, 12-10

The Detroit Lions led the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 10-0 after one quarter, but things have changed quite a bit since then. During the second quarter, the 49ers rallied back with a touchdown, safety and field goal to take a 12-10 lead going into halftime.

After scoring a touchdown on the first play of the second quarter, the 49ers offense was pretty much shut down by the Lions defense. The thing is, the Lions offense was also shut down by the 49ers defense. This ultimately resulted in Detroit starting a drive at its own 11-yard line, and on the first play of the possession Matthew Stafford was sacked in his own end zone for a safety.

The 49ers followed the safety with a three-and-out, and the Lions offense finally got into a rhythm and drove all the way down to the San Francisco 23. It looked like the Lions were going to get inside the 10, but a chop block penalty negated a 15-yard pass to Nate Burleson. It also backed the Lions up 15 yards, and Jason Hanson ended up missing a kick from 52 yards out a few plays later. It was his first miss of the season.

The 49ers took over, and as the clock ran out on the first half, David Akers nailed a 55-yard kick to give San Francisco a 12-10 lead.