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Jahvid Best Not Ruled Out For Sunday By Jim Schwartz

Jahvid Best has indeed suffered another concussion, albeit reportedly a "minor" one, as minor as one thinks a concussion can be when you've suffered at least two in your football career. But head coach Jim Schwartz wouldn't rule out Best for Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons, according to the Detroit Free Press.

During his weekly appearance on 97.1-FM, Schwartz noted that Best could be active on Sunday if he "passed all of his tests." He did not sound all-too enthusiastic about Best playing, even is he did pass the tests though, noting the NFL's stance on concussions and how he agrees with them: you can't ignore them anymore. Back in the day, if a player got his bell rung, then made him run drills and hit stuff until he felt like he wouldn't fall over in a game situation. Nowadays, it's probably not a good idea if Best plays, with his concussion history.

Further "confirming" that Schwartz wasn't optimistic about Best's chances, he had a lot to say about the guys behind him and what they can do if they see the field:

"Maurice Morris has always played well when we've given him the football," Schwartz told the station. "He has different roles when Jahvid's been healthy but late in the year last year, middle of the year when Jahvid's toes were bothering him, Maurice came in and played very well. The year before that he went in and rushed for 100 yards."

Morris has indeed looked pretty good in a limited role. Schwartz would also go on to talk about Jerome Harrison behind Morris, and his confidence in him. When they start getting to talking about the third stringers, you know the diagnosis isn't "perfect", but the possibility remains there for Best to play on Sunday.