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Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: Lions Drop Four Spots On CBS Sports Rankings

While the Detroit Lions have mostly held their position in week seven NFL power rankings, they're dropping a full four spots in CBS Sports' latest power rankings:. This is mostly due to the fact that they had the Lions in the number two spot behind the Green Bay Packers, which is probably something they shouldn't have done. Still, when you lose to a team, drop four spots and that team jumps up eight spots, your rankings probably were a little wrong to begin with:

6. So the undefeated season is over? Now they can focus on improving some of their areas of concern, like the offensive line and run defense

They're right at six, which is par the course right now, in agreement with ESPN and SB Nation, so they have got it "right", at least by popular consensus, but a four-spot drop is still disappointing, no matter how you happen to look at it.