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Detroit Lions Trade For Ronnie Brown, Send Jerome Harrison To Philadelphia Eagles

The Detroit Lions decided to acquire Ronnie Brown at the NFL trade deadline. In exchange for Brown, the Eagles received Jerome Harrison and a future draft pick.

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The Detroit Lions didn't stand pat at the NFL trade deadline, apparently, as they've acquired Ronnie Brown from the Philadelpia Eagles. The move was probably necessary with Jahvid Best recovering from a concussion.

The Lions sent Jerome Harrison and a seventh-round pick in the  2013 NFL Draft to the Eagles in exchange for Ronnie Brown, the back-up to LeSean McCoy in Philly and a former solid option while he was a member of the Miami Dolphins. Les Bowen, the beat writer for the Philadelphia Daily News, first reported the deadline deal.

Brown has appeared in all six games for the Eagles this season, rushing 38 yards on 13 carries. During his career, Brown has scored 38 total touchdowns and gained 4,853 yards on the ground. Harrison played eight games for the Eagles last season, but had appeared in just three for the Lions since coming over as a free agent.

This doesn't necessarily mean anything regarding the status of Best, but it might say something regarding what the Lions front office though of their depth at running back -- and giving up a seventh-round draft pick certainly isn't going to hurt anything in that regard.