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Detroit Lions Shorted Five Yards In Loss To San Francisco 49ers, NFL Confirms

The Detroit Lions lost to the San Francisco 49ers by six points on Sunday. Even though Jim Schwartz and the Lions won the post-game fracas, the NFL has admitted that the game's officials gave the 49ers a five-yard head-start on what proved to be the game-winning touchdown drive for the team coached by Jim Harbaugh.

Ginn returned a punt to the 40-yard line, but after a timeout, the officials allowed Alex Smith and the 49ers to start at the 35-yard line of the Lions. Video of the play, in case anyone missed it, is available around the 2:45 mark of this highlight clip.

There really isn't any reason why the ball would have been spotted five yards closer than where it should have been. Surprisingly, the NFL's official statement doesn't provide any further closure, either.

"The officiating crew incorrectly spotted the ball at the Detroit 35 instead of the 40 where Ted Ginn went out of bounds."

For any conspiracy theorists out there, this play might be a good place to start on a crusade as to why the NFL prevented the Lions from an undefeated season.