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Jahvid Best Sits Out Of Wednesday's Lions Practice With Concussion

While Lions running back Jahvid Best hasn't been ruled out for Sunday's game, it's looking more and more unlikely that his second concussion in three months (and second of three known overall) is going to keep him out. On Wednesday, he sat out of practice while recovering from the injury sustained last Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

Best has been a key part of the Lions offense this season, he just hasn't been doing what's expected of him as often as they'd like, so while losing Best is something the team certainly doesn't want, it's not something that they can't recover from. He did start to put together some good games and even had a big play or two against the 49ers, but the team does feel confident in backup Maurice Morris and the recently-acquired Ronnie Brown.

Brown was shipped to the Lions on Tuesday in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, and might be another sign that Best could be out on Sunday when the team takes on the Atlanta Falcons.