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Detroit Lions Sellout Sunday's Game Against Atlanta Falcons

Last year, the Detroit Lions sold out seven of their eight home games, despite being a lower-middle of the pack team. That doesn't necessarily mean that they'd sellout less of their games this year if they failed to perform, but it certainly wasn't going to help. Thankfully, the team is 5-1 and looking great right now, trailing the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North by just one game.

So despite suffering their first loss in ten months, the team has announced that Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons has sold out:

#Lions announce that Sunday's game vs. Atlanta has reached a sellout and will air live in the local television markets.

The Lions have now sold out all four of their home games thus far this year, and have put up higher attendance records in their last two outings than they did for any game in the past three seasons, a sure sign of a team on the upswing.