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Jim Schwartz Looking Forward To Matchup With Falcons, Mike Smith

As you know, the NFL is not fining Jim Schwartz or Jim Harbaugh for their post-game altercation. It is well past time that everyone be over the whole thing, and thankfully, Schwartz is.

And Schwartz is ready to start shaking hands again.

"Yeah, I was for 49 for 49 on shaking a hand before that," Schwartz said. "I think I’ll get back to that this week. I mean, I don’t know if there’s a coach I respect more in the NFL than Mike Smith."

Schwartz and Smith coached against each other in the AFC South and have a strong mutual respect.

"I came up and started at the very bottom," Schwartz said. "That’s the way Mike did, too. He earned everything he’s gotten in the NFL. He started in quality control and moved up to linebacker coach, moved up to coordinator and did a good job at what he was assigned and ended up as a head coach and has done an outstanding job of getting the Falcons to be a consistent winner."

We are pleased to announce that this is the story to unofficially end all Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbough handshake-related stories.