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Eagles Reportedly Found Brain Tumor During Jerome Harrison Physical

News broke on Wednesday that the trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions that would send Jerome Harrison and a 2013 draft pick to Philly in exchange for running back Ronnie Brown would be voided. The Eagles reportedly found injury issues with Harrison that weren't previously disclosed by the Lions, and after Detroit declined to comment, most were wondering if they had attempted to send "damaged goods" to the Eagles.

Now it appears that it's something the Lions weren't even aware of themselves - not to mention Harrison, who himself depended on the Philadelphia physical to find out - that he reportedly has a brain tumor, according to a Tweet from ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Without trade, Jerome Harrison doesn't get physical. Without physical, doctors don't find brain tumor. Trade might have saved his life.    

At this point, it stops being about a voided trade and much more about a serious, serious injury. The Lions face some serious issues at the running back position heading into Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons, but right now the focus should be on figuring out what exactly is wrong with Harrison and the steps that can be taken to correct them.