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Atlanta Falcons Preparing For Detroit Lions By Blasting Loud Noises

The Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons have a standoff prepared for Sunday when two of the better NFC also-rans face-off at Ford Field. The crowd is expected to be boisterous once again, but the Falcons have a plan to prepare for that: Loud noises.

In a move taken straight out of the Brick Tamland playbook, the Atlanta Falcons are piping in loud noises to prepare for the noise that earned those in attendance a game ball a couple of weeks ago.

This week, the Falcons are practicing with a sound system set at 124 decibels. Average NFL crowd registers at 108. #atldet11
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It's all just noise. And it is definitely loud. RT @MattFratt: @FalconsJAdams What's blasting? Some rap, rock, heavy metal?
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This just means the Lions fans are going to have to be even louder than 124 decibels to catch the Falcons off guard. Does anyone have a pneumatic drill available?