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Madden NFL 12 Week 7 Roster Update: Lions See One Player Up, One Player Down

The post-week six roster update for Madden NFL 12 is set to go live on Friday for Xbox 360 and PS3 users. There's a ton of changes this week, but the Detroit Lions are on the receiving end of very little this time around. They only have two players getting ratings changes, and they offset, with one decrease and one increase.

Lions fans do get to use Ronnie Brown online for a week though, as the team wasn't able to revert the changes of the trade that sent Jerome Harrison to the Philadelphia Eagles, and Brown back their way. Brown is actually a great running back on the game, so ... I mean, go ahead and take him online and use him, yeah? Make the jump for the list of changes.


DL Corey Williams 84 to 85


OL Jeff Backus 81 to 78


TE Joe Jon Finley added to game
S Vincent Fuller changed position to SS
DL Corvey Irvin released
HB James Davis signs
HB Ronnie Brown traded to DET from PHI

It's all pretty cut-and-dry. Williams was the lone player on Detroit's defensive line to look good against the San Francisco 49ers, cutting through the left side like butter at times (that's right over Mike Iupati, mind you). Jeff Backus gave up pressure from all kinds of places, but a three-point drop does seem a bit excessive at this point. For a list of full changes from all teams, click here.