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Brandon Pettigrew Fined, Chris Houston Wasn't And Officials Probably Should Have Been

Following last week's game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Detroit Lions had plenty of grievances to air regarding -- among other things -- the officiating of the contest. The NFL did its part in bring closure to the matter this week, too.

The National Football League decided the Brandon Pettigrew chop block penalty that negated a first-and-goal scenario was bad enough that it deserved a $7,500 fine, but a Chris Houston horse collar call was not bad enough that the league office handed down a fine ... and therefore probably means it probably shouldn't have been flagged, either.

As Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk notes, there was "no word on whether the officials have been fined for spotting the ball in the wrong place on the 49ers' game-winning drive." For more on that play, a brief summary was included earlier this week on SB Nation Detroit.

Hopefully the Lions have a different officiating crew in town this weekend or things could get ugly.