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Lions Vs. Falcons Score Update: Detroit's Sloppy Special Teams Gives Atlanta 10-3 Lead After 1st Quarter

The intensity from the pre-game has carried over into the game, with both teams putting a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks, resulting in sacks and bad throws. Apparently Stan Kwan came back during the pre-game, too, as you'll notice while reading through this 1st quarter recap. 

The Lions started the game with their patented three-and-out on their first possession, before the Lions crowd started to create problems for the third week in a row. After the Falcons committed a false start that could be attributed to how deafening loud the crowd was, Falcons' quarterback Matt Ryan was intercepted by Eric Wright. (Seriously, why don't the Lions stop taking the ball when they win the toss and go with the defense first? Especially at home.)

Anyway, Wright returned the pick to the Falcons 20 yard line, but the Lions were immediately pushed back 14 yards on two plays, thanks to two easy sacks on Lions' quarterback Matthew Stafford. After a dump off to Maurice Morris on third-and-forever, Jason Hanson knocked one through the uprights for an early 3-0 Lions lead. 

On the ensuing kickoff, Falcons' kick returner Eric Weems took it 104 yards to the house, but an unnecessary block in the back on Stefan Logan brought it back to their own 23 yard line. 

Ndamukong Suh started a pair of three-and-outs from both teams by poking Ryan in the eye (for a personal foul) before Eric Weems returned a Lions punt 37 yards to the Lions 26. 

The Falcons proceeded to pick up one first down, but ultimately couldn't pick up a 3rd-and-inches, so they kicked a field goal to tie it, 3-3.

On the ensuing kickoff (which is synonymous with 'bad news' for the Lions today), Logan fumbled and it was recovered by the Falcons at the Lions' 28 yard line.  After a holding penalty, the Falcons picked up eight yards on 1st down and got another 1st down by picking up a 3rd-and-12. On 2nd down of the new set of downs, Bobby Carpenter got called for pass interference in the end zone, giving the ball to the Falcons at the Lions' one yard line. A couple more Lions' penalties ultimately gave the Falcons a chance from the quarter yard line and an easy QB sneak in for Matt Ryan for the touchdown. 

10-3 Falcons after one quarter.