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Lions Vs. Falcons Score Update: Atlanta Up On Detroit At Halftime, 17-6

Lions started the second quarter a lot better than they started the first quarter, because they actually gained a yard. 89 yards to be exact in all in the quarter after having negative one yard in the first quarter. 

After the Lions took the kickoff after the Falcons go-ahead touchdown at the end of the first quarter to their own 30, Detroit put together a nine play, four minute drive to start the second quarter. Unfortunately, on third down in Falcons' territory, Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Titus Young were not on the same page with the route that Young was supposed to run and Stafford was nearly picked off in the end zone while Young stood around the 10 yard line. Jason Hanson cut the deficit to four points with his second field goal of the game. 

After a couple rather uneventful drives from both teams, the Falcons went into the no-huddle offense at the end of the quarter and marched right down the field, capping it off with a Matt Ryan touchdown pass to Roddy White from 18 yards out. 

At the half, the Lions have five first downs compared to the Falcons' 13. Matthew Stafford is 5-of-11 for 47 yards. Calvin Johnson has just one catch for 25 yards. 

The Falcons will get the ball to start the third quarter.