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Cliff Avril Says He Didn't Taunt An Injured Matt Ryan

After the Detroit Lions lost the Atlanta Falcons, there were reports from Atlanta players that a couple Detroit defensive linemen - Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril - were taunting quarterback Matt Ryan when he went down with an injury. The Falcons' Roddy White would go on to say that the Lions were kicking Ryan's foot when he suffered an ankle injury and saying things like "get the cart", referring to the cart that takes away players unable to get off the field on their own power. Well, Cliff Avril has responded to the accusations and he claims it didn't happen:

Come on I'm not in the business of hurting not one guy on the field... I would never taunt anyone on an injury... But if we want to talk about dirty players look at the film and see who prides themselves on being durty...    

Who knows if something happened that was missed, at this point? Only the players on the field do, and in the case of White - we do know that he's not shy at all about getting into it with anyone and everyone. He's got a long history of Twitter feuds - calling out newspapers, journalists and the 49ers' Alex Smith for some reason - and his word is as good as you think it should be, knowing that. After the jump, though, we've got a video of Ryan's ankle injury and, to me, there's a staggering lack of taunting and ankle kicking going on.