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Matthew Stafford Injury: Lions QB Considered Day-To-Day

Matthew Stafford had an MRI scheduled for his knee/ankle on Monday, and while we don't have any information on how that MRI went for the Detroit Lions quarterback, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that it is, in fact, an ankle injury folks should be worried about and not a knee as previously thought, and then offered :

Schwartz: "He's got an ankle, knee's not an issue" .. Wouldnt say what MRI showed but if it showed something "he'd be more than day 2 day ... On Stafford, Schwartz said I "don't think by the time we get to Wednesday the knee will be listed" on the injury report.

What these two tweets are saying is kind of forwards-and-backwards. Stafford's ankle is the key concern, the knee isn't expected to hamper him, but no details about the ankle injury are available at this time. The knee injury is minor enough to the point where he expects it to be off the official injury report by Wednesday, but he could be out for longer with an ankle injury?

That confusing bit aside, the Lions tweeted something that clears it up a little more:

Said Schwarz: Stafford "no more than day-to-day" with an ankle injury.

That's a lot more clear, then. Stafford has an ankle injury and should be qualified as day-to-day, which is a lot better than "doubtful," or "we don't know."