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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: Lions Fall Two Spots In ESPN Rankings

The Detroit Lions continue to drop in NFL power rankings, following their second straight loss, the most recent to the Atlanta Falcons. Most week 8 ranking shave the Lions falling a couple spots, but they are generally maintaining their top ten presence. Fans are probably hating the fact, but if you consider where they were at in the preseason, how many would have been totally fine with a spot in the top ten power rankings around week eight? Probably all of them.

ESPN has dropped the Lions two points in their latest power rankings:

8. More troubling than the lack of a running game for the Lions is their inability to stop the run. (Clayton)    

It's true. Frank Gore and the rest of the 49ers rushing attack gashed them for 200+ yards, and their inability to stop the run against the Falcons seriously hampered them. The Lions may be dropping, but they're still sitting at 5-2 and second place in their division. If they can stop the run and not get behind in games, their offense, with or without Jahvid Best, should be capable.