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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: Detroit Lions Dropped Four Spots By FOX Sports

Apparently, not everyone thinks the Detroit Lions are deserving of their 5-2 record. Sure, they've lost two games in a row, but they can afford it with, again, a 5-2 record. It's not as though they lost and purpose, but they discovered a weakness or two that they'll need to iron out after their bye week. But ESPN dropped them two points and CBS Sports dropped them three points in their Week 8 NFL power rankings.

FOX Sports takes it a step further, dropping them four points:

The Lions' defense has been run through the past two weeks, and that has to be a concern for coach Jim Schwartz. Likewise, the lack of a running game, or a runner for that matter, may prove to be a problem for the Lions, who are coming up on a difficult part of their schedule    

They're at number 11, down four spots from their previous spot at seven. That's the lowest they are on any of the major power rankings, but the reasoning is sound. Jahvid Best is hurt. Matthew Stafford might be hurt. The defense is just lagging behind right now.