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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates, Week 8: Lions Have Amari Spievey, Ndamukong Suh Increase

With another week comes another roster update for EA's Madden NFL 12. The update is set to go live on Friday and the Lions find themselves just on the positive side of an increase-to-decrease ratio. They're coming off their second straight loss, falling in succession to the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons. But their team on Madden is still thriving and doing well.

Three players get increases in the latest update, the most notable being Amari Spievey and his increase from 79 to 80. I've just always considered it a big deal when a player moves into a new group of ten, whether it be 60-70, 70-80, or 80-90. Spievey has been having a really good season and deserves the increase, to be sure. Make the jump for the full list of Lions changes.


S Amari Spievey 79 to 80
LB DeAndre Levy 80 to 81
DL Ndamukong Suh 90 to 91


DL Nick Fairley 77 to 76
WR Nate Burleson 79 to 78


HB Jahvid Best lowered on depth chart (injury)
HB Maurice Morris moved to HB #2 on depth chart
HB Eldra Buckley signs
HB Eldra Buckley now wears #45
TE Joe Jon Finley released
FB Matt Clapp released
HB Jerome Harrison removed from depth chart (injury)
CB Don Carey signs"
TE Nathan Overbay signs

Jerome Harrison is back on the team, and you can use him, though in reality he's not likely to play again this season. They did get Don Carey on the team, which is good, and there was only two decreases despite the team having lost two games in a row. I'm not exactly sure why Fairley went down, but I'm sure they saw something I missed. Or they're biased. One or the other, I'm sure.