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Lions Vs. Broncos Score Update: Detroit Extends Lead To 38-3 After Third Quarter

The Detroit Lions continue imposing their will on the Denver Broncos tacking on 14 more third-quarter points to head into the final quarter with a 38-3 lead.

The Detroit Lions defensive line is officially having a field day in Denver, getting after the quarterback to make sure there won't be a Tebow Miracle this week. Through three quarters the pass rush continues harassing Tebow who has thrown for 74 yards but also been sacked five times, losing 44 yards in the process.

Defensive end Cliff Avril is leading the way with two sacks and two forced fumbles, turning one of those fumbles into his first career touchdown at the start of the third quarter. Avril took advantage of Tebow's long throwing motion by reaching in and knocking the ball out before Tebow could follow through with the throw. From there, Avril simply picked up the loose ball and ran to the endzone before the Broncos even knew what had happened.

Midway through the third, the Lions scored on a two-play drive when Matthew Stafford hooked up with Calvin Johnson down the left sideline for a 56-yard touchdown strike.