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Ndamukong Suh To Meet With League Office, Commissioner Goodell For Clarification On Fines, Penalties

It's been a rough time for Ndamukong Suh in the National Football League. His needs are simple, and few. Suh wants nothing more than to take a quarterback - any quarterback - and slowly commit a war crime on them over the course of sixty minutes. And the league has the unmitigated audacity to deny him these basic defensive lineman rights on a weekly basis by penalizing and fining him. Creating headless, armless and legless quarterbacks is an art-form for Suh, but the personal foul penalties are really piling up.


And, honestly, a good portion of the calls on Suh have been frivolous. He's been labeled a dirt player by many, and though it's got an inkling of truth here or there, there's still some erroneous calls on an almost-weekly basis. Now, Suh has reportedly requested a meeting with the league office and Commissioner Roger Goodell to clarify the calls/fines and figure out why exactly they were made.


Pro Football Talk has an email from the league suggesting that Suh contacted the league some time ago, so the news doesn't come in the wake of something recent, like the Denver Broncos game. The league is going to meet with Suh on Tuesday, as the Lions are on a bye week this week. We'll see what comes out of it.