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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings: Lions Move Into Top 5

After coming back from at least 20 points down to win on the road for the second week in a row, the Detroit Lions are quickly climbing up the NFL power rankings. Even last week the Lions were climbing up the rankings, but they weren't yet a consensus top five team. This week all sites seem to be sold on the Lions, and one even has them as high as second.


The Lions are ranked the highest on CBS Sports. Like all NFL power rankings, the Green Bay Packers are first, but the Lions are right behind them at second. The rest of the top five includes the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers.


The Lions are third on Pro Football Talk (behind the Packers and Saints), fourth on ESPN (behind the Packers, Saints and Patriots) and fifth on SB Nation (behind the Packers, Ravens, Saints and Patriots.


If the Lions pick up a win next Monday against the Bears, they should move up to at least second in all of the new power rankings. If the Packers lose on the road to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night, a Lions win on Monday could vault them up to No. 1 in the new power rankings.