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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Holds Lions At No. 8

The Detroit Lions did nothing on Sunday but take out an awful lot of frustration on what is, for the most part, a really bad team. Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos got beat down in impressive fashion by a Lions team that was coming off of two losses they would love to have a chance at avenging. Those losses, to the Falcons and 49ers, had started to drop them down NFL power rankings, but Week 9 sees them either hold or move up.

ESPN has them holding, however:

8. The Lions had fun with Tim Tebow on Sunday. On Tuesday, Ndamukong Suh gets an NFL officiating lesson. (Clayton)    

I'm not exactly sure what Clayton thinks the but about Suh has to do with anything, but we'll run with it. The Lions were just about to move outside of the top ten in ESPN's rankings, but apparently winning by that big of a margin against the lowly Broncos doesn't necessitate a bump in ranking.