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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: FOX Sports Moves Lions Back Into Top 10

Putting 45 points on any team that barely is able to crack double digits in response should be worth something in the power rankings. Thus far, the Detroit Lions have mostly been holding at their current positions inside the top ten, but one list of power rankings didn't have them in the top ten to begin with.

FOX Sports corrects this by bringing them back in at number ten:

10. It doesn't matter that it was just the Broncos with an ineffective Tim Tebow at QB. It was a road win and an impressive performance by a team that is still learning what it is to be a winner. They go into the bye week and then have four tough games on the horizon, starting with the Bears at Soldier Field.     

Brian Billick makes up for the fact that he probably shouldn't have dropped them out of the top ten to begin with by making an awful lot of sense. Yes, it was on the road and yes, they did beat the tar out of the Broncos. A win is a win is a win and the Lions deserve to be in the top ten, sitting at 6-2.