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Lions' Matthew Stafford, Titus Young Up For NFL Weekly Awards

Weekly awards in the NFL have become a point of pride for teams and their fans, and after a dominating 45-10 performance by the Detroit Lions over the Denver Broncos, they've got a couple players up for the weekly awards. You can go vote for Matthew Stafford as the FedEx Air Player of the Week and you can also vote for rookie wide receiver Titus Young as the Pepsi Rookie of the Week.


Stafford threw for 267 yards and three touchdowns against the Broncos, and completed 21-of-30 passes. His performance was good one, but he is up against Ben Roethlisberger, who is playing out of his mind right now and led the Steelers to a win over the Patriots. Stafford may have the edge because Big Ben threw an interception, though. Titus Young caught four passes for 66 yards and had a touchdown, but he'll have to go up against guys like Cam Newton, Christian Ponder and Marcell Dareus. Again - the links to vote are here and here.