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Ryan Donahue Misses Practice For Detroit Lions, Team Works Out Punters

On Wednesday, Detroit Lions punter Ryan Donahue injured his quad trying to kick in place of Jason Hanson, who had a knee injury. It's unclear the extent of his injury, but according to Dave Birkett, Donohue didn't practice on Thursday and doesn't plan on testing his quad until Friday. The team worked out three punters in his palce: Matt Dodge, Robert Malone and Glenn Pakulak.

The extent of his injury is unknown at this time, but if the team is working out other punters, the injury could be significant. Worsening the situation is, of course, the initial injury to Hanson, the team's kicker, who is 17-of-18 on the season. Initially, reports were that Hanson had injured himself in an ATV accident on the bye week, which he spoke to the media about on Thursday:

"To say that it was an ATV (accident) I think conveys something that it's not. ...I was not out riding a 4-wheeler & goofing around when this happened. I was with my kids & all the other details..I dont feel like sharing"

Detroit worked out kickers Shayne Graham and Rhys Lloyd on Wednesday.