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Week 10 NFL Picks: Coming Off Of A Bye Week

Last week, the Lions' bye week, was my worst of the season at 5-9. My brother took advantage and went 11-3.

I told you bye weeks were stupid. Last week was the worst week of the season for me in reality football (no Lions game), fantasy football (lost in all my leagues), and picks against the spread (a putrid 5-9).  Of course, my brother caught up with me and took a four game lead by going 11-3.

This week should go differently for me, just like it will go differently for Matthew Stafford at Soldier Field

Let's now charge forward with these picks and not yield:

CHARGERS (-7.5) over Raiders

Speaking of not charging, this game was played on Thursday and I promise I picked the Chargers -- why would I lie about that? They looked awful.

FALCONS (+0.5) over Saints

This is for first place in the NFC South. The Falcons have won three straight and Julio Jones has been unleashed. I like the Dirty Birds here at the Georgia Dome.

Steelers (-2.5) over BENGALS

This is the Bengals' wake up call. It'll be like an annoying siren as the wife incessantly pokes you to turn it off. 

BROWNS (-2.5) over Rams

Mike Holmgren might be starting at RB, WR, and SS for the Browns, but I still like them at home here. 

COWBOYS (-5.5) over Bills

The wagons don't get back to being circled against Romo, who will quietly put the Cowboys back over .500.

Jags (-2.5) over COLTS

I'll never pick the Colts again this season. I've learned my lesson. 

CHIEFS (-3.5) over Broncos

Everyone knows Week 10 is God's bye week...Tebow implodes and the Broncos secondary couldn't stop a Denard Robinson led passing attack.

Redskins (+3.5) over DOLPHINS

The Mike Shanahan running back carousel continues to go round and round as Roy Helu catches 34 dump offs leading them to victory. Plus, I heard it's supposed to be somewhat cloudy in Miami today so Tony Sporano won't be able to see with his sunglasses on.

EAGLES (-14.5) over Cardinals

Desean Jackson out. Who cares, the Cardinals are awful.

Texans (-2.5) over BUCS

The Bucs keep this one close, but in the end the Texans offense will be too much to handle. 

PANTHERS (-3.5) over Titans

Andy Dalton beat the Titans last week, so Cam Newton's gonna one up him this week and dominate the game.

SEAHAWKS (+6.5) over Ravens

The Seahawks keep this one somewhat close at home, but lose on a late field goal. Tarvaris Jackson is probable -- if he doesn't play, I'd love to switch this pick.

Giants (+3.5) over 49ERS

49ers win a close one at home and the Giants cover despite Eli Manning's late game choke job. He can't keep his 4th quarter magic up, can he? Gosh, I hope he doesn't because I really don't like him. 

Lions (+3.5) over BEARS

Calvin Johnson completes the process alllll over the Bears. Such a cliche joke, but I don't care. Lions not only cover but win on the road.

Patriots (+1.5) over JETS

You think Brady is scared

Vikings (-14.5) over PACKERS

Pondering that Vikings cover, but that the Packers still win by two touchdowns. 

Last week: 5-9

Season ATS: 69-61

Standings vs. commenter(s), my brother (W-L ... GB):

D.P.: 73-57 ...  (11-3 last week)
 69-61 ... - 4 GB