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Lions Vs. Bears Score Update: Chicago Leads Detroit 10-0 After First Quarter

The Chicago Bears lead the Detroit Lions, 10-0 at the end of the first quarter. The Bears took advantage of two Detroit turnovers, cashing both in for points following the change of possession.

After a short pass to Calvin Johnson, Chicago defensive end Julius Peppers forced a fumble while slamming Johnson to the ground. Brian Urlacher scooped up the loose ball for the Bears giving Chicago a short field to start on offense at the Detroit 30 yard line.

Chicago running back Matt Forte took over from there as the Bears took advantage of a Detroit penalty which moved the ball to the 12 yard line. Forte reeled off two 6-yard runs, the second breaking the goal line for a Chicago touchdown.

The second Detroit turnover came after what looked like a nice first down reception by Nate Burleson. Matthew Stafford hit Burleson on an out for the first down and then Burleson tippy-toed down the sidelines before defensive back Tim Jennings knocked the ball out from behind then received a friendly bounce which kept the ball in bounds for Jennings to fall on. The Bears were back in business with the ball at their own 38 yard line.

After a couple of pass completions and a another Detroit penalty, the Bears had to settle for Robbie Gould 43-yard field goal.