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Lions Vs. Bears Score Update: Chicago Leads Detroit 20-6 At Halftime

The Chicago Bears lead the Detroit Lions 20-6 at halftime, in a game filled with big plays.

After Chicago took advantage two Detroit fumbles to score ten points in the first quarter, the Bears utilized a pair of big punt returns by Devin Hester to set up their next ten points.

Hester was knocked out of bound by Detroit punter Robert Malone giving the Bears the ball at midfield after a 29 yard return by Hester. The Bears drive stalled inside the red zone and Robbie Gould tacked on a 35-yard field goal. 

On Hester's next opportunity he left no doubt, taking a long punt from Malone and out-running the Lions defenders down the sideline before finding the end zone for a touchdown to put the Bears up 20-0.

Then it was the Lions turn to finally earn a break as they fell on a Jay Cutler fumble deep in Chicago territory at the 20 yard line. The Lions were unable to take advantage of the short field, though having to settle for a Jason Hanson 29-yard field goal.

Later the Lions put together an impressive 18-play drive that stalled at the 17 yard line after a Julius Peppers sack. Jason Hanson knocked in the 35-yard field goal.

Bears kicker Robbie Gould missed a 43-yard field goal at the end of the half, leaving the Bears ahead at the break, 20-6.