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VIDEO: Lions, Bears Brawl After Matthew Stafford Interception

Sunday's game has been ugly for the Detroit Lions, to say the very least. It got even uglier in the fourth quarter after Matthew Stafford threw yet another interception. On the return, he was being blocked by Chicago Bears cornerback D.J. Moore, who eventually was taken to the ground by Stafford. Stafford had a hold of Moore's helmet and Moore didn't take kindly to this and got up and charged at Stafford, who ducked and took a hit on the ground. This unsurprisingly set off a brawl between the two teams. Take a look after the jump.

After the dust cleared, Moore was the only player penalized and the only player who was ejected from the game. The referees decided his late hit on Stafford, which caused the ensuing fight, was bad enough for an ejection, and I can't disagree. Stafford probably shouldn't have used Moore's helmet to free himself from being blocked, but what did Moore expect to happen when he delivered a hit like that on Stafford?

I think players from both teams will be receiving some FedEx packages with fines for what has gone on in this game.