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Lions, Bears Fight Being Reviewed By NFL, Fines Could Be Coming

The fourth-quarter fight between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears has quite obviously attracted the attention of the NFL, who will be reviewing tape of the fight to specifically nail down a couple things. Namely, the NFL will decide who started the fight, what the penalty is for that, who retaliated, and how to define every player involved in the skirmish, which saw players from both sidelines spill onto the field to get into the altercation.

The Detroit Free Press has some classifications for the fighting, taken straight from the league's definitions of what action constitutes which fine:

According to the league's fine schedule, the minimum fine for a first-time fighting offense is $25,000, with players who unnecessarily enter the fighting area and are actively involved in the altercation subject to a $5,000 penalty. Players who unnecessarily enter the fighting area and are not involved in the fight are subject to a $2,500 fine.     

Taking that into account, one can expect Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford to get the $25,000 fine, along with cornerback D.J. Moore. Stafford threw Moore on the ground after throwing his third interception of the game, and was immediately hit by Moore, who popped back up right after being dropped.

Both sidelines and benches exploded, and there were quickly many players in the fray. You can identify Brandon Pettigrew, Louis Delmas, Chris Houston, Stephen Paea and Israel Idonije as the first players onto the field. Those players the first on are likely to receive fines, though there is a chance the league just fines the initial two players involved ... or perhaps even just Moore, who was the only player penalized on the play.