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Matthew Stafford Injury Will Cause Detroit Lions Quarterback To Wear Gloves

The injury Matthew Stafford suffered during the Detroit Lions game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday ended up being a fractured finger. The quarterback continued to play in the second half, however, and doesn't expect to miss any games in the future as wearing a glove seems to be the current quick fix.

Stafford applied said fix after the injury happened in the first half of Sunday's game, according to a radio interview he did on Monday. It may not work the best, but it apparently will be the solution going forward. 

"Because I have to wear a brace on the back of my finger and tape all around it, and I can't feel the ball with tape just touching the ball," he said. "But if I get the gloves on, I get a little extra grip with the rest of my three fingers. So I get that extra grip, and that just helps me control the ball where it's going."

The Lions will play Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers this coming Sunday.