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Matthew Stafford Injury Update: Lions QB Expected To Wear Gloves For Next Two Games

During the game against the Chicago Bears, Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions wore gloves on his throwing hand to keep himself in the game. Stafford suffered a fractured finger in his throwing hand, but put the gloves on to stiffen the digit and give it some kind of padding for protection, though he did go on to finish the game with four interceptions.

He wasn't expected to miss any games, and the healing process appears to be going along smoothly, according to the official Lions Twitter:

Stafford says x-rays show his finger is healing and there were no setbacks in the game.    

No setbacks meaning that wearing the glove was an effective way to keep his finger isolated and at least partially protected. He's expected to play in the next game, and will reportedly wear the glove for another two games, according to Anwar Richardson.

Stafford implied that it might be better two Sundays from now, but the short week between the upcoming Carolina Panthers game and the following game on Thursday against the Green Bay Packers is making him think it will be smart to wear it for another two games, and potentially more if he takes any big hits against either of the two teams.