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NFL Fines: Kyle Vanden Bosch Docked $7,500 For Late Hit

Several fines are expected to be handed out by the NFL for things that happened during this past Sunday's Lions-Bears game. Some questionable hits, a fight and even orange shoes have drawn the attention of the NFL, and already two fines have been handed out.

The first fine is for $7,500 and was given to Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch. The fine was for a late hit that Vanden Bosch had against the Bears. Vanden Bosch hit a player that was already down, so the NFL slapped him with a $7,500 fine.

The other fine we know about right now is $10,000 and was given to Bears wide receiver Earl Bennett. This fine wasn't from any hits or getting in a fight, but rather because Bennett wore orange shoes for the second game in a row.

More fines are expected from this game, most of which will likely be from the fight that happened in the fourth quarter. Matthew Stafford is waiting to see if he will be fined for his role in the incident, as are several other players who were involved in the skirmish.