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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates, Week 11: Lions See Three Increases

Though the Detroit Lions are coming off a loss to the Chicago Bears and have lost three of their last four, they're faring well in the weekly Madden NFL 12 roster updates. For the Week 11 update, which goes live on Friday for PS3 and Xbox 360 users, the Lions have three players increasing in overall rating and one player going down. That turns out pretty well for them, considering how they were outplayed for the majority of the game on Sunday.

One caveat is the fact that the one decrease is significant, though it's just by one overall point, it's to quarterback Matthew Stafford. He drops from an 87 to an 86 overall, but one of his weapons in Nate Burelson creeps closer to breaking the 80 overall mark as he gets a bump from 78 to 79. For a full list of Lions changes, make the jump.


DL Ndamukong Suh 91 to 92
WR Nate Burleson 78 to 79
TE Tony Scheffler 75 to 76


QB Matthew Stafford 87 to 86


OL Jason Fox removed from depth chart (injury)
P Ben Graham signs
WR Terrence Toliver signs