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Bears' D.J. Moore Fined $15,000 For Role In Fight With Lions, According To Report

After the fight during the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears game which saw both benches spill onto the fields, many figured there would be a lot of fines. As it stands, the only player fined so far from the Lions was Kyle Vanden Bosch, for a late hit that was unrelated to the scuffle. Earl Bennett of the Bears drew a fine for wearing orange shoes once again. Now we've got news of the first player to be fined due to the fight.

According to Dave Birckett, Bears cornerback D.J. Moore has been fined $15,000 for his role in the fight. Moore was the player who was thrown down by Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford after he threw his third interception of the game. Moore proceeded to pop back up and hit Stafford, which brought all the players onto the field.

It's interesting to note that this $15,000 is generally less than what is considered the minimum fine for "fighting."Apparently, the league is not going to fine these players for fighting, but Moore gets a fine for something of an advanced unsportsmanlike conduct. Still no word on if Stafford is going to draw a fine yet.