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NFL Fines: Lions' Matthew Stafford, Rob Sims Docked $7,500

Early Friday, the first fine related to the fight between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions came out when D.J. Moore was docked $15,000 by the league for his involvement. Now, two other players have been pegged with fines. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was given a fine of $7,500, according to Anwar Richardson. Stafford was the player who initially threw Moore down to the ground, but it could be considered as coming at the end of a play and is apparently being classified as something like a late hit.

Moore, though, got up and actually initiated the fight by hitting Stafford, prompting both team's benches to spill out onto the field. Moore didn't receive the minimum penalty for "fighting," which is $25,000, so he's getting an advanced unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, more than likely.

On top of that, Dave Birkett is reporting that offensive lineman Rob Sims was also fined $7,500, for jumping on the pile. The NFL is likely looking through the tape and defining who tried to break up the fight and who just wanted to get in the fray - like diving into the pile late. Kyle Vanden Bosch and Earl Bennett were also fined by the league unrelated to the fight. Vanden Bosch had a late hit and Bennett was wearing orange shoes.