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NFL Fines: Lions' Nick Fairley Fined $15,000 For Roughing The Passer

The Detroit Lions have reportedly received another fine, according to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora. Joining Matthew Stafford, Rob Sims, and Kyle Vanden Bosch is Lions defensive lineman Nick Fairley, who has been fined $15,000. The fine is unrelated to the fight that went on during the game, and was given to Fairley due to a rather bad roughing the passer penalty on Jay Cutler. Fairley hit Cutler well after he threw a pass.

Stafford and Sims were both fined $7,500 for their involvement in the scuffle that sent both sidelines onto the field. Vanden Bosch was docked for an unrelated penalty, also for $7,500. Two Chicago Bears players have been fined thus far, Earl Bennett for wearing orange shoes for the second straight game, and cornerback D.J. Moore for his involvement in the fight.

Unlike Stafford and Sims, Moore was fined $15,000 - double the fines for the other two - for, apparently, starting the fight after the play in which Stafford threw his third interception was over.