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Video: Kealoha Pilares' 102 Yard Kickoff Return For Touchdown Vs. Lions

The Lions answered the Panthers touchdown at the end of the first quarter fairly quickly. Kevin Smith took the first carry of the second quarter and scampered 43 yards to the Carolina 28 yard line. On the very next play, Smith caught a screen pass and ran the final 28 yards for a touchdown to put the Lions back within three, 10-7.

Unfortunately, on the ensuing kickoff, Kealoha Pilares broke loose and took Hanson's kick to the house for a 102 yard kickoff return touchdown. The Lions special teams has been abysmal this year, especially in the last two weeks. They gave up a couple of huge punt returns to Devin Hester last week in Chicago, which to be fair happens to most teams.

Here's video of the tragic Pilares return:

The Panthers now lead the Lions 17-7 and the Ford Field is completely shell-shocked. As I'm typing this, the Panthers have taken a punt 15 yards back into Lions' territory.