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ANIMATED: Cam Newton Jiggles His Goodies During Touchdown Celebration Vs. Lions

The Carolina Panthers currently lead the Lions 27-14 at the half, thanks in part to Cam Newton's strong play. In addition to a passing touchdown to Steve Smith in the first quarter, Newton also had a 11 yard touchdown run in the second quarter. After getting into the end zone, Newton decided to get all Girls Gone Wild for the cameras and Lions fans seated behind the end zone:




Unless I'm mistaken and what he's doing at the tail end of the celebration is some other gesture that I'm not familiar with, Newton appears to be pretending to unstrap a bra and flash the crowd, capped off with a little jiggle of the fake titties. If so, it's not much better than what Randy Moss did to the Packers fans in 2005. Moss was subsequently fined for that incident, so Newton can probably expect a similar result from the No Fun League sometime next week.