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Lions Vs. Panthers Score Update: 2 Unanswered Touchdowns Gives Detroit 28-27 Lead Through 3 Quarters

The Lions are no strangers to the second half comeback and came back in a big, quick way in the third quarter against the Panthers

After forcing the Panthers to punt on their first possession, the Lions took advantage of a 15 yard penalty at the end of the return and scored three plays later. The touchdown was a screen pass to Nate Burleson around the 16 yard line and he took it the rest of the way. Burleson then mocked Cam Newton's celebration in the second quarter by telling him to zip it up. 

The Lions got the ball back after a three-and-out by the Panthers and got back to business. Highlighted by a 26 yard pass completion to Calvin Johnson, the Lions scored on seven plays, a 17 yard strike to tight end Tony Scheffler. The touchdown and extra point gave the LIons their first lead of the game, 28-27. 

The Panthers had a drive going into Detroit territory, thanks again to a Lions penalty that extended their dying drive, but Newton was intercepted for the second time of the game by DeAndre Levy.  Unfortunately, the Lions will have to punt to start the fourth quarter. 

Since the end of the first quarter, Stafford is 17-of-19 passing with four touchdowns. I think it's safe to say that he's feeling pretty comfortable in those gloves.