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Calvin Johnson Week 11 Fantasy Update: Johnson Kept Out Of End Zone Against Panthers

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had a big day throwing the ball putting up 335 yards passing with five touchdowns, but Calvin Johnson's fantasy owners had to be frustrated that Stafford spread the ball around so much to put up those big numbers.

The Carolina Panthers were able to keep Johnson out of the end zone, although big 81 did catch five passes for a team-high 89 yards. Obviously, those aren't the number one receiver type of numbers fantasy players expect out of Megatron each week considering he was shut out from the end zone.

Ramarkably, the folks at were close to spot on with their weekly projection for Johnson figuring he'd put up 5.79 receptions for 86.51 yards and 0.70 TDs. Yep, five receptions for 89 yards is well within any margin of error for those projections. The only surprise is that the Lions scored seven touchdowns, five through the air, and none were cashed in by Calvin Johnson.