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Detroit Lions' Week 13 Game Against New Orleans Saints Flexed To Sunday Night Football

The Detroit Lions are coming off a big win over the Carolina Panthers, in which they came from behind and won in the final minutes. Detroit was actually trailing by 17 points at that point, and it's the nature of their comebacks that have earned them another shot on primetime television. Since it's past week nine, the NFL can flex matchups that seem more interesting now than they did at the beginning of the season to the primetime Sunday Night Football slot.


Detroit's Week 13 game against the New Orleans Saints has been flexed to Sunday Night Football. It will be on at 8:20 p.m. Eastern instead of of the 1:00 p.m. start that it was given initially. Detroit was considered a team on the rise before the season began, but the primetime games have been few and far between. According to the Lions, it's going to be the first time the Lions play back-to-back nationally televised games since 2000. Detroit is set to play the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving.