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Week 12 NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Holds Lions At No. 10

The Detroit Lions, despite losing three of four games, maintained position well in recent power rankings. Now that they've made another thrilling comeback win, beating the Carolina Panthers and moving to 7-3 on the season, they're back in the top ten in most weekly rankings, and in some, are getting closer to the top five.

ESPN had Detroit at ten last week, and have elected to keep them there this week:

10. Matthew Stafford might not win comeback player of the year, but he's sure great at comebacks. (Clayton)    

The fact that they're having to make comebacks might be one reason there's not a more significant boost in the rankings, because other teams inside the top ten aren't likely to allow them. Other teams within the top ten also had strong week, as well, so Detroit not moving up was as much a reason of the fact that those teams didn't deserve to be moved down. A pivotal matchup on Thursday against the Green Bay Packers is a chance to see the Lions rocket up the rankings.